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Attention Montreal-based Readers

Posted in Uncategorized by Francisco Toro on November 13, 2009

JapanFoodMarketOnce a year, Angel Seafoods puts on a massive discount sale featuring all kinds of hard-to-find Japanese ingredients at amazing prices. This year’s sale will be on this weekend only.

You’ll never see this many Japanese people together in one place at one time in Montreal: the entire ex-pat community seems to come out for this. This is your one chance to find things like real, high quality Ramen in this city, for instance, sold frozen.

And no, this is not blog spam: Angel Seafoods is paying us nothing to post this. We’re sharing it because we know how challenging it can be to find some Japanese ingredients in this city, and an opportunity like this is not to be missed.

Angel Seafoods is out on Highway 40, not far from Ikea. (Here’s the Google Map)

Info on the sale in Japanese is here.


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